The Obamas’ set exec team for Higher Ground Productions

President Barack Obama and Michelle Obama have set the leadership team for their Higher Ground Productions, which inked a multi-year deal with Netflix last year. Priya Swaminathan, who was previously announced to have been working with the company, has been named as co-head of Higher Ground, along with Chernin Entertainment’s Tonia Davis. Swaminathan and Davis […]

TBI Weekly: Does Netflix outgrowing Disney/Comcast value mean TV domination?

In one week, Netflix has managed to make a landmark TV deal with the Obamas and surpass the market value of Disney and Comcast. By the end of Wednesday Netflix reached a record high market capitalisation of $152 billion, overtaking Comcast which received $147 billion and just below Disney which received $153 billion. By the […]

Cablers rail against Obama’s net neutrality call

US cable and telecom operators have responded angrily to President Barack Obama’s call for the strongest form of net neutrality and the implementation of new regulations to ensure that all internet traffic should be given equal treatment. Obama has called for a reclassification of broadband providers as common carriers under Title II of the country’s […]

New US privacy law will allow Netflix to link accounts with Facebook

US lawmakers have amended privacy laws, clearing the way for video services such as Netflix to more closely link subscriber’s accounts with Facebook and other social media. Netflix was among a powerful lobbying group calling for the amendment to the 1988 Video Privacy Protection Act. That group also included media heavyweights Apple, Disney, Facebook, Google, […]