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Viewpoint: Factual TV in a post-truth era

Jan Salling, CEO, Missing Link Media & co-chairman, FRAPA Donald Trump has become a leading exponent of  post-truth in his successful bid to win the White House. What might the implications be for factual television producers and programmers around the world? Twenty-sixteen saw some fascinating and worrying developments in terms of truth and the media […]

Viewpoint: factual TV in a post truth world

Twenty-sixteen saw some fascinating and somewhat worrying developments in terms of truth and the media – particularly around politics and the upheavals around Brexit and the US election. Donald Trump has become a leading exponent of ‘post truth’ in his race to the White House. His support for the ‘birther’ movement and claims that President […]

FRAPA preps producers’ guide to format protection

Format protection association FRAPA is preparing a guide to the legal options available to producers who think their IP has been infringed. The guide will be part of a new report, being prepared by the industry body and law firm Baker & McKenzie, from FRAPA about the protection of format rights under international law. The […]

FRAPA membership grows 35% in a year

Formats industry body FRAPA has grown its membership 35% in the past year. This spike comprises 50 new members in the last 12 months, and comes after The Gurin Company’s Phil Gurin and Missing Link Media founder Jan Salling (pictured) became co-chairmen in March 2015. Among the new members are Korea Creative Content Agency, South […]

Nordic World rejigs after ‘challenging period’

Nordic World has promoted Ann Christin Siljan and Paulina Eklund in a restructure that follows a tough period for the Scandinavian content distributor. Previously director of sales and acquisitions, Siljan (pictured) will become VP of acquisitions, while former Absolutely Independent exec Eklund will remain in New York but now as VP of sales. Both report […]