LBC claims victory in Bin Talal lawsuit

The international arm of the Lebanese Broadcasting Corporation has claimed victory in its legal dispute with Saudi Prince Al Waleed Bin Talal. LBCI has won back rights to the LBC Europe, LBC America, LBC Australia, LBC Africa and LBC Maghreb channel brands, for which they must pay US$1, and Bin Talal will also face a […]

Star Academy sets up in Egypt, returns to Lebanon

Endemol singing competition format Star Academy is to launch on an Egyptian pan-regional channel and will return to Lebanese air after two years away. Egyptian net CBC, which goes out of 300 million viewers in the pan-Arab region, has ordered a local version of the show. Furthermore, it is setting up a 24-hour pan-Arab Star […]

Middle East dives in for Celebrity Splash

Eyeworks has sold diving format Celebrity Splash to a Lebanon-based satellite channel, which will launch a pan-Middle Eastern version in May. LBCI has commissioned and will produce a local adaptation of the format, which will air in the broadcaster’s home country, plus 23 other countries including Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Iran. The Dutch format […]