Hansen Juergen

NHK feels effect of Upside’s Gravity

Japanese public broadcaster NHK has acquired Upside Distribution’s buzzy astronaut doc Ø Gravity, A Mission in Space. The one-off film, distributed by Havas-owned Upside, was the most-screened at MIPDOC in Cannes last month where it had its world premiere. Speaking to TBI from the Busan Contents Market in Korea last week, Upside sales manager Arianna […]

Gravity floats buyer interest in Cannes

Upside Television’s Ø Gravity, A Mission in Space was the most-screened doc by buyers at MIPDOC last week. The one-off had its world premiere at the documentary market, in part explaining the level of interest. The show follows two young astronauts as they train for their inaugural space mission, and then the mission itself. Astronaut […]