Glow Media

Opinion: Is it too late to join the train to Asian content?

TBI’s resident format expert, Siobhan Crawford, explores how the clamour for Asian IP is affecting opportunities and asks what needs to change to increase sales into the region Pop Quiz. Let’s all say the things that spring to mind when thinking about the Asian unscripted formats market. I will predict your answers: The Masked Singer, […]

Opinion: Why you should look to YouTube for the next big formats

“There isn’t an original thought left in the world, it’s all on YouTube!”. This line was in an article I read in August. Okay, it was about sewing for beginners BUT damn, it feels true for us in the format world too and it keeps going around my head. Can I prove this point with […]

Opinion: Me, Myself & MIPCOM

Can Cannes be more glorious than it has been this week? Temperatures of 25 degrees certainly made this the return that MIPCOM deserved. Full diaries, full restaurants and, I believe, full hearts. My only sadness… I did not get to meet the power woman in town, Alyssa Milano! I have to type fast – because […]

TBI Weekly: Delving into MIPCOM’s format headliners

With MIPCOM just over a week away, European format expert Siobhan Crawford casts her eye over the offerings being launched in Cannes this year and picks out those that should be on your radar. MIPCOM sounds like it will be a rave. But a rave with very few edibles: don’t panic… but we are content-light, […]

Former Primitives & Warner Bros. execs link for new distribution outfit

Banijay & Primitives alum Siobhan Crawford has linked up with two ex-Warner Bros. execs to launch a new distribution outfit. Glow Media will be formally unveiled at MIPCOM next month and is being launched with the co-founders of Belgian production house Free Kings, owned by ex-Blazhoffski (WarnerBelgium) MD Geert Willems and Muriël Maebe. The outfit will be based […]