The best of Korean content: Good Job

CEO by day, private detective by night, Sunwoo forms an unlikely team with ultra-vision Don Sera solving crimes in this He-Romantic comedy

The best of Korean content: The Law Cafe

This is a legal-romance drama between a landlord, who used to be a ‘genius’ prosecutor, and a tenant, a lawyer quitting her job at a decent law firm to open ‘The Law Cafe’. Anyone can stop by and get legal counselling at this cafe.

The best of Korean content: BTS Concert-Originated Films

5 Best Titles of BTS, the Grammy nominated k-pop phenoms.
– Live Concert, Feature Documentary & Docu-series, based on BTS’ world concert tour
– Includes “Break The Silence” which won ‘Best Music Documentary’ at 2021 MTV Movie & TV Awards: Unscripted

The best of Korean content: Cheongchunhyang Jeon

What if the most famous romantic figures of Joseon dynasty were reborn in the modern world? This is a drama with multiple endings where Chunhyang’s destiny is changed by what the viewer chooses. Torn between Lee Mongryong and Byun hakdo, love and career, what choice will Chunhyang make at each moment? Chunhyang’s destiny is divided into two parts

The best of Korean content: Fantastic Timing

Family oriented drama, Fantastic timslip adventure!
Can Shim’s family be happy again if they go back 10 years? Here’s another this the “Dad” has to do. He goes on a time travel to save his wife so that their family can be together and smile again. But the more time travels go on, the more unexpected things happen…

The best of Korean content: HongDangMoo – PPOPPOPPO Friends

Healthy Body and Healthy Mind! TV contents “MBC PPOPPOPPO” has been in the front line of kid’s contents in Korea. Its educational goal is “learning through playing.” This completes the core aspect of early childhood educational needs for future world leaders. It has 5segments of animation and live-action per episode with various topics which are based on the kindergarten curriculum used worldwide.