‘Ghosts’ to haunt WDR/ARD with German adaptation of BBC Studios comedy

Ghosts (Germany) (Source: BBC Studios Germany/Frank Dicks)

German pubcaster WDR and its streaming service ARD Mediathek have ordered a local adaptation of BBC Studios’ supernatural comedy Ghosts.

BBC Studios Germany will produce the 6 x 30-minute series, which is being directed by Erik Haffner, with Yves Hensel and Aylin Kockler writing, and filming currently underway in Cologne.

This version of Ghosts centres around young couple Emma (Cristina do Rego) and Felix (Benito Bause), who inherit an old mansion and decide to turn it into a hotel.

After a near-death accident, Emma suddenly starts to see ghosts, including the Neanderthal Urs (Jan van Weyde), the Roman legionnaire Claudius (Max Giermann), the Countess Adelheid (Antje Widdra), the feminist maid Griet (Meltem Kaptan), the insurance salesman Joachim (Sebastian Schwarz), the teacher Svenni (Sina Tkotsch) and the love-hungry poet Friedrich Dorn (Alexander Khuon).

Ghosts originated on the BBC in the UK, with the fifth and final season airing last year. A US version for CBS is currently in production on its fourth season.

The original show was created by Mathew Baynton, Simon Farnaby, Martha Howe-Douglas, Jim Howick, Laurence Rickard and Ben Willbond.

André Renaud, SVP of global format sales for BBC Studios, said: “The comedic happenings of Ghosts continue to entertain audiences in the UK and US and I’m delighted that German viewers will now also have their own version on WDR.”

WDR fiction director Alexander Bickel added: “We are pleased to add a completely unique program colour to the ARD Mediathek with the German adaptation of the successful British series.”

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