France’s Screen Line to adapt Gemma Malley’s YA novel ‘The Declaration’

Alexia Laroche-Joubert & Frederic Lussato

Banijay’s French firm Screen Line Productions has acquired the rights to Gemma Malley’s young adult novel, The Declaration.

The story is set in 2140 in a world where drugs have made it possible for people to live indefinitely and tracks how a 16-year-old girl  and a friend – deemed surplus to requirements – embark on a perilous journey that challenges their society’s values.

The novel will be adapted by Morgan S. Dalibert (AKA) and Mathieu Lalande.

Alexia Laroche-Joubert, CEO of Banijay France, said: “This has been a deeply personal project for me since I first discovered this gripping novel 15 years ago and recognised its potential for adaptation.

“The quest for longevity is a fascinating societal concept, and the novel expertly weaves these thought-provoking ethical and moral dilemmas around life and death. Combined with its rich universe and intriguing characters, I have no doubt The Declaration will make for a captivating series.”

Frederic Lussato, Screen Line Productions, added that the show “aligns perfectly with our goal to produce premium content for young adults”. The prodco, launched in 2022, has a raft of shows in development and landed its first commission with Trash.

The mini-series is being produced for Prime Video and has been inspired by the real life-events of Loft Story, the French adaptation of Big Brother.

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