Norway’s VGTV acquires Nova Festival doc from Yes Studios

Nova (Source: Yes Studios)

VGTV in Norway has picked up Yes Studios documentary that explores the Hamas terrorist attacks at the Nova Festival in southern Israel.

#NOVA (1 x 52 minutes), which will debut later this week on commercial channel VGTV, was produced by Kastina Communications for Israel’s Yes Docu, with Dan Pe-er directing.

It uses self-shot and mostly exclusive footage from festival attendees to chronicle, minute-by-minute, the tragic events of that day when Hamas terrorists executed more than 300 partygoers and kidnapped a further 40.

The film portrays real-time reactions and emotions to the unfolding horror, transporting viewers and allowing them to decide the truth of what happened on that fateful day. Yes Studios distributes globally.

Sharon Levi, managing director of Yes Studios, said: “We are now six months on from the Nova festival and as the war continues and narratives shift daily, we are seeing new interest in this film from a range of broadcasters.

#NOVA documents the brutal start of the war, an important moment in history, and captures different viewpoints without a conventional news agenda. Importantly, it also serves as a reminder that we still don’t know the fate of some of the young people kidnapped on this day.”

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