Canada’s Bell Media snags Shark Teeth’s ‘Building Bad’, Cineflix to sell globally

Narco sub (Source: Shark Teeth, US Coastguard)

Canada’s Bell Media has struck a pre-sale deal for the first season of factual engineering franchise Building Bad.

The 10 x 60-minute show, from Shark Teeth Films, examines what happens when scientists, inventors and engineers use their skills for nefarious means.

It explores the Italian Mafia’s use of assassination drones and how Columbian drug cartels’ secret narco subs were built, as well as delving into the minds that created a network of New York City heroin processing labs and the ingenious escape routes in Pablo Escobar’s Hacienda and Catêdral hideouts.

The series is being sold by Cineflix Rights, with production underway for an autumn delivery.

Executive producers are Adrian Carter and Tom Mudd for Shark Teeth Films, Felicia Litovitz and Richard Life for Cineflix Rights.

Carter and Mudd said the show would “showcase the ingenious engineering of the world’s most dangerous criminals”, combining “elements of science and engineering to highlight the lengths criminal masterminds will go for money and power.”

Shark Teeth recently snagged a 30-hour deal for three factual series with Boat Rocker, made up of Discovered By Disaster, Secrets In The Dark and Secrets In The Ice.

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