Rainmaker to shop Embankment dwarfism & UK miner’s strike docs

Dwarf Story (Source: Embankment Films)

UK-based distributor Rainmaker Content has acquired the sales rights to two documentaries from Embankment Films – Dwarf Story and Strike: An Uncivil War.

Dwarf Story was commissioned by UK broadcaster ITV and examines Vosoritide, a so-called “miracle” drug that promises to be a potentially groundbreaking treatment for dwarfism.

The film shares the personal accounts of a number of young people from around the world who have had first-hand experience of the drug, which promised to make them significantly taller, as well as treating other medical complications associated with the condition. It is directed by Riccardo Servini and is set to premiere theatrically in summer 2024, then air in the autumn on ITV in the UK.

The second film from Embankment picked up by Rainmaker is Strike: An Uncivil War, which was co-produced with Verymuchso.

The doc explores the UK miner’s strike of 1984-1985 and tells the full story of the Battle of Orgreave, which took place on 18 June 1984, one of the most violent clashes between miners and police during the strike. Directed by Daniel Gordon, the film is set to be released theatrically in the UK on 18 June this year.

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