TBI Kids Hot Picks: Buddybot

Producer: Xilam Animation | Distributor: Xilam Animation | Broadcaster: France Télévisions (France)

Aimed at kids aged between six and 10, this 52 x 11-minute series explores the friendship between Chloe, an ordinary 12-year-old girl, and Buddybot, a little robot from the future.

“Chloe and Buddybot are set on helping the planet, whether it be by planting loads of flowers across town, saving rare caterpillars from a cold wave or trying, dressed up as ghosts, to sway industrial baddie, Nina Manchkin.

“Our duo knows that every little step counts, which is why they want to convince family, neighbours and other townspeople to start helping the planet too,” reveals Safaa Benazzouz, EVP of distribution at Xilam Animation.

“Chloe is an average girl who wants to play video games, ride her skateboard and spend time with Buddybot. When facing hardships, she will nonetheless find surprising and relatable solutions to complete her missions. As for Buddybot, he is a robot like no other you’ve ever seen: no superpowers, no high-tech gadgets, just endless optimism and cuteness.”

Created by Vincent Souchon, not only does the 2D animated series introduce young viewers to the issues around climate change, but also teaches them the importance of optimism and perseverance.

“Buddybot focuses on the following theme: how do you balance theory with reality? For instance, how do you complete a noble mission against climate change, when your flaws get in the way? Our characters are imperfect: their desires and fears often give a surprising turn to our stories. But we embrace them as they are: our viewers will feel no sense of guilt or inadequacy watching this series.

“Neither Chloe nor Buddybot are perfect role models or knights in shining armour. Because doing good doesn’t necessarily come easy, and it’s a lot of hard work – but it’s worth it,” says Benazzouz.

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