MGM+ picks up docuseries on infamous serial killer Ed Gein

Michael Wright

Amazon-owned streamer MGM+ has picked up true crime docuseries Psycho: The Lost Tapes Of Ed Gein, about the infamous US serial killer.

Directed and executive produced by James Buddy Day, via his Pyramid Productions, alongside Jill Latiano Howerton and Josh Kunau for Roots Productions, the series will premiere in MGM+ in September.

The four-part series unravels the story of grave robber and serial killer Ed Gein, otherwise known as “The Plainfield Ghoul” and “The Mad Butcher,” whose crimes inspired such iconic horror films as Psycho, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and The Silence Of The Lambs.

The series explores Gein’s upbringing and twisted relationship with his mother (which famously inspired Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho), his early grave robbing, the murders leading up to his arrest, and the police’s discovery of his terrifying house of horrors – all accompanied by the brand-new revelations revealed in never-before-heard recordings.

Amazon & MGM Studios Distribution will distribute the series internationally.

“This gripping and disturbing docuseries shines a light on an infamous chapter in our true-crime history,” said Michael Wright, head of MGM+. “Psycho takes an in-depth look at not only the life of one of the most notorious serial killers of our time, but also explores the impact his crimes had on both the victims and our culture.”

Last month, MGM+ appointed former Prime Video exec Josh McIvor as its global general manager, to oversee operations around the world. Among its recent commissions are The Winter King, a “revisionist” take on Arthurian legend, based on the Warlord Chronicles book series by Bernard Cornwell, and a series based on Stephen L Carter’s Emperor Of Ocean Park.

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