Disney cuts 75 roles at Pixar, including execs behind ‘Toy Story’ & ‘Lightyear’


Disney cuts have hit Pixar Animation Studios with 75 positions set to be disbanded including that of Galyn Susman, who was behind the original Toy Story movie.

Susman had been with Pixar since 1995 – prior to the animation firm’s acquisition by Disney in 2006 – but he is being let go along with two other execs behind recent flop, Lightyear.

Director Angus MacLane, who had also worked on Coco and Toy Story 4 during his near-30 years with the company, is also exiting, along with VP of worldwide publicity, Michael Agulnek.

Pixar employs around 1,200 staff and had largely escaped the swinging cuts hitting most other parts of the Disney empire, following CEO Bob Iger’s recently revealed plan to save $5.5bn in costs and cut 7,000 jobs.

The animation studio has been a constant source of output for the Mouse House since its $7bn acquisition in 2006, but the release of Lightyear disappointed.

Reuters broke the news of the cuts.

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