TV manufacturer Vizio launches branded content division

TV manufacturer Vizio has launched a new branded content studio, following its initial programming forays with Man vs. Food host Casey Webb.

Vizio Branded Content Studio (VBCS) will be responsible for developing a slate of “data-informed programming” across a variety of formats for viewers via its sets.

The company has already tested the VBCS model with 3 Pointers, a sponsored shortform show featuring Webb that features sports-themed recipes and drinks for viewers watching sports on TV.

The VBCS slate also includes DIY show Clean Break, with social media star Michelle Hobgood, as well as travel series Island Eats and City Limits, plus From The Ground Up. It follows comedian Rance Nix as he tells the story of entrepreneurs.

Steve DeMain, VP of branded content & sponsorships at Vizio, said: “With a data-informed understanding of what our viewers are interested in, VBCS is uniquely positioned to offer a solution that few others can: a custom, exclusive branded content series that brings brands into the story and entertainment that consumers want to watch.”

Branded content has been soaring in popularity in the past 12 months, as broadcasters, streamers and producers seek additional forms of revenue to support programming.

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