S4C in Wales visits ‘Flower Barn’ as Wildflame receives double commission

Y Sgubor Flodau

Welsh-language broadcaster S4C has expanded its unscripted slate with a new factual entertainment format exploring what motivates people to give flowers to each other.

Y Sgubor Flodau (The Flower Barn) is a 6 x 60-minute series from Cardiff-based indie Wildflame Productions, described as a “warm and moving series” that finds out why poeple are giving bouquets to one another.

The format follows local florists who greet visitors to their workshop to hear the reasons behind the floral designs, which range from the glorious to the tragic.

Wildflame has also been recommissioned by S4C to produce another season of Cymry Ar Gynfas (Welsh On Canvas). The format brings together six Welsh icons and six artists to create six portraits that reflect the personality of the familiar faces and the unique approach of each artist.

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