News round-up: C5 orders moon doc; Leonine ups Sarah Fischer; Fresh TV & Cake team for ‘Total Dramarama’ special

Dara O’Briain: Secrets of Our Moon

C5 orders moon doc

UK broadcaster Channel 5 has ordered Dara Ó Briain: Secrets of Our Moon (working title), a new two-part series following the comedian as he explores all aspects of our natural satellite.

Produced by BBC Studios Science Unit, the 2 x 60-minute series sees the presenter take viewers on a journey to explore the ways in which the moon shapes just about everything – from who we are, to the world we live in.

Across the series, he will be speaking to some of the world’s top lunar experts, scientists, researchers and geologists, as well as experts in other fields such as biology, to get a sense of how widely the moon influences every aspect of our lives.

“I love everything about space, but the moon in particular holds a special kind of magic.  It’s inspired countless myths and legends through human history but it’s a place full of genuine cutting-edge scientific mystery – and one which we are gearing up to visit again, over the next decade.  All of which made the offer to present this series irresistible,” said Ó Briain.

 I’ll be sharing everything you need to know about our closest celestial neighbour – as well as uncovering some real surprises along the way, including for me too.”

Leonine ups Sarah Fischer

Leonine has appointed HR boss Sarah Fischer to the management board.

In addition to overseeing the group’s central HR unit, she has taken on the role of chief people & sustainability officer and is now also in charge of all topics related to social responsibility, environment and sustainability at Leonine Studios. She reports to CEO Fred Kogel.

“The Leonine mindset is characterized by a continuous pursuit of improvement and a passion for a respectful work atmosphere. Sarah embodies these values, making her the ideal candidate to take on further responsibility within the management team,” said Kogel.

Fresh TV & Cake team for ‘Total Dramarama’ special

Family entertainment producer Fresh TV, kids’ entertainment specialist Cake, Corus Entertainment’s Cartoon Network Canada and Cartoon Network US have teamed up on a brand new Total Dramarama special, A Very Special Special That’s Quite Special.

The 40-minute adventure premieres on Cartoon Network US on 15 April and on Cartoon Network and Teletoon+ in Canada on 22 April.

A Very Special Special That’s Quite Special follows the troublesome toddlers on unpredictable escapade. After Duncan destroys their daycare using an unsafe driving app, Chef decides to spend the generous cash settlement on an all-singing, all-dancing cross-country adventure to the infamous Sir Splashalot’s waterpark, where an accidental mix up with a lunchbox, sees our pint-sized heroes chasing gangsters, tech barons and bickering aliens in an attempt to obtain a mysterious and powerful crystalline hashtag!

Aimed at 6-11-year olds, Total Dramarama, the prequel to Total Drama franchise,  launched on Cartoon Network US and Teletoon (now Cartoon Network Canada) in 2018.

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