FAST revenues in UK to quadruple by 2027, report claims

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FAST channel revenue in the UK is expected to quadruple over the next four years, according to the latest research.

The UK-focused findings, which come from a report commissioned by Blue Ant International, reveal that FAST will account for nearly 20% of the UK’s $3bn premium online ad-supported video market by 2027.

The findings were uncovered by research firm Omdia and mark a considerable uptick from current revenues of $128m, while the report also highighted that UK FAST channel revenue had already increased 180 times between 2019 and 2022.

Researchers also found that FAST had become a weekly habit for 15% of UK online viewers, but viewing habits in terms of content varied between countries.

In the US, news was the top FAST channel genre is the US according to Amagi, with 33% of hours of viewing, 8% for movies and crime, 7% for entertainment and 3% for sports.

News is the leading genre in APAC (14%), but in Europe, documentary channels are number one (15%), while in Latin America, movie channels (21%), according to Amagi.

Lilla Hurst, global head of acquisitions & partnerships at Blue Ant International, said: “The updated data highlights FAST as an opportunity for creators to maximise the value of their IP in the UK via windowing strategies that will extend the life and revenue of their productions. We’re here to help them navigate through that journey.”


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