ZDF Studios & Three Tables Productions link for Chris Cornwell’s heist drama

Chris Cornwell

ZDF Studios has joined forces with UK indie Three Tables Productions to develop A Theft of Lies (working title), with Strike Back’s Chris Cornwell attached to write.

The heist drama is about an art forger who is forced into teaming up with a fearless professional thief to steal back priceless Asian artworks that were taken during Britain’s colonial past.

The story is inspired by the audacious true-life raids of Chinese art from museums and collections throughout Europe over the last decade and will explore culture, identity, and unrequited love in the shadow of empire.

Yi Qiao, director of drama at ZDF Studios, said: “The search for self-identity and belonging is a lifelong one that is known to every single one of us. If you link this with today’s discussion around the colonial history of art and artefacts, you realize that this makes a compelling ground for storytelling.

“Hence, there was no hesitation for us to board A Theft Of Lies when JT Wong from Three Tables came to us with this original story from Chris Cornwell. It not only combines these elements but transforms them into a high stakes heist drama. I couldn’t be more thrilled for us at ZDF Studios to be part of this journey.”

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