India’s Applause preps multi-season Mahatma Gandhi drama epic

L-R: Sameer Nair, Ramachandra Guha and Pratik Gandhi

India’s Applause Entertainment is working on a fact-based series dramatizing the life story of Mahatma Gandhi.

The company has acquired rights to two biographies from Indian historian and author Ramachandra Guha – Gandhi Before India and Gandhi – The Years That Changed the World, which will be adapted into a multi-season series.

Pratik Gandhi (no relation) will portray the lawyer who became a symbol of non-violent protest and led Indian to independence from British rule before his assassination in 1947.

The series will follow Gandhi from his earliest days to his actions in South Africa and the great struggle in India, as well as the lesser known stories of his life which played an important role in shaping young Gandhi into a Mahatma.

It will also explore the lives of his compatriots and contemporaries in the freedom movement, personalities who, along with Gandhi, played an integral part in the shaping of what became a free and modern India.

The series is being produced with a worldwide audience in mind and shot across several Indian and International locations.

Sameer Nair, CEO at Applause Entertainment, said that “only a richly layered, multi season drama series will do real justice to Gandhi and to all the great personalities that embed the proud and illustrious history of India’s Freedom Struggle.”

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