Zig Zag options show from Jack Black prodco

UK independent producer and distributor Zig Zag has taken options on three shows including one from Electric Dynamite, the production company of Hollywood star Jack Black.

Zig Zag brokered the deal through Sparks Network, the formats distribution alliance that represents Electric Dynamite formats internationally. The shows in question is gameshow Hide and Seek from Electric Dynamite and US-based T Group. The programme, in which families hide in their homes as celebrities try and find them, is on TV Tokyo in Japan.

Two other shows with Sparks’ members have been optioned for the UK.

Jockey Stars, which was created by Irish producer Abu Media, is a reality series the was on Irish free to air channel TG4 earlier this year. It follows hopefuls training to be professional jockeys.

The third UK option deal for Zig Zag is with Montreal’s Trio Orange production company for Wanted, a dating show format in which contestants find their soul mate through an Internet and social media manhunt.

“These are three very different but equally compelling formats that we think have huge potential” said Danny Fenton, CEO of Zig Zag Productions. “We’re very excited to be bringing them to UK broadcast partners”.

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