Next wave of UK local TV licences opened up

Another 30 local TV licenses will be offered in the UK after communications regulator Ofcom asked for expressions of interest in stations across a raft of new locations.

Ofcom has already awarded 19 licences in a first phase of the roll out of local TV in the UK and the first of these should be on air before end-2013.

Phase two sees another 30 possible licenses being offered for local channels, which will be delivered via digital terrestrial.

Expressions of interest are being sought for licenses in 28 new locations and two that were in the first round but attracted no interest, Swansea and Plymouth.

New areas include Aberdeen, Bangor, Bedford, Cambridge, Dundee, Luton, Reading and York.

Expressions of interest must be submitted by April 24.

Ofcom said the winners of new licenses could have channels on air by end-2014.

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