Spanish kids companies will be out in force at MIPJunior

Spanish Institute for Foreign Trade, ICEX, and Spanish animation industry group DIBOOS are backing a MIPCOM event showcasing the country’s animation industry.

BRB boss Carlos Biern will present new research that shows there are now 200 animation-producing/distributing companies in Spain and the industry generated revenues of €306 million last year. About 70% of projects were coproductions, the research revealed.

The event will be sponsored by Spanish production companies BRB, EDEBE, Imira Entertainment, T Forma and Vodka.

Imira Entertainment is launching The Wish Fish at MIPJunior

ICEX is backing a delegation of Spanish animation companies that will be at MIPJunior.

In addition to the abovementioned producers and distributors, Film Factory Entertainment, Finding4you, Imira Entertainment, Motion Pictures, Neptuno Films, Nottingham Forest Media Advisors and Televisió de Cataluya.

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