Netflix picks up controversial Ricky Gervais comedy

Streaming service Netflix has acquired Ricky Gervais’ controversial comedy Derek.

The show was piloted by Channel 4 in the UK and the UK broadcaster then ordered a full series, which will air in 2013. The pilot sparked controversy because the titular character is learning impaired.

Netflix will make it available on its US and international services after its UK launch on Channel 4 including on its upcoming Scandi service. Many of Gervais’ previous shows have aired on HBO in the US.

Gervais said: “Netflix is the future. TV habits have already changed drastically over the last 10 years and this is the next phase. People want their favourite shows on demand whether they are home-grown or not.”

He added: “They also made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. Come on, an artist gotta eat man.”

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