Local content squeezing out international on Kiwi TV

Four of the six main free-to-air channel in New Zealand upped the amount of locally-originated programming on their air last year, according to a report from public funding body NZ On Air. Across the board the proportion of locally-sourced shows was up to 34%, with marked increases at commercial channel TV3.

The Kiwi market is renowned for its lack of regulation, which allows broadcasters to air a large number of imported programs, if they wish. In 2008, state broadcaster TVNZ’s main channel, TV One, increased the amount of local programming shown from 57% to 60%.

However, the largest increases in locally-produced programming came at private equity-backed commercial network TV3, which upped its output from 24% to 30%.

The level of local programming was flat at Prime, the free-to-air net owned by local pay TV operator Sky, which is in turn backed by News Corp. TVNZ’s second channel, TV2, meanwhile, recorded a slight drop in the amount of locally-sourced fare, which fell from 18% to 17%.