Remember when Heroes saved network television?

The numbers are falling and it seems not even a raft of supernatural powers can prevent the producers of NBC’s Heroes from facing the ignominy of a falling star.

Remember when Heroes saved network television?

Well, unfortunately, the launch of the third season has seen its ratings for it season premiere fall to just under 10million viewers – compared to last year’s launch of 14.1million. But rather than panic, the show’s producers have suggested a few options to save shows that have massive DVD sales, international audiences and web viewership.

"More people than ever are watching TV shows. Problem is – they’re not watching them on TV, and they’re not watching them when they’re supposed to. Some shows are getting an almost 70% bump in their ratings via TIVO and DVR. A stat that is reported some three weeks after the airing of the episode. That’s insane," blogged Heroes’ producer Jesse Alexander. "What’s going to save the TV business? Integrated advertising? Smaller budgets? New accounting practices? New biz dev partnerships between content creators and hardware creators? Probably all of the above," he added.

These comments follow creator Tim Kring’s remarks to TBI that he would consider co-production deals with European producers for future series of Heroes, a move that should excite NBC programming boss and international jetsetter Ben Silverman.

It’s well worth an ask if you bump in to any NBC executives next week on La Croisette.

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