Ratings Watch: Age of Love

Dating format Age of Love has performed well in Norway on TV2, comfortably beating TV Norge’s average audience share on each of its outing so far, having previously generated underwhelming ratings in the US.

The show poses the question: ‘When it comes to falling in love, does age really matter?’, and follows a 31 year-old bachelor as he attempts to find true love among women ranging in age from 21-to-48-years old.

In Norway, the one-hour show bowed on TV Norge on April 7, starting at 9.30pm. Known locally as Ungkaren 20 vs 40, the first episode delivered a good 16.1% audience share in the 12+ demographic. On Monday April 14, the second episode drew a 17.8% audience share in and the third and fourth episodes 14.9% and 15.5% respectively.

In 2007, TV Norge averaged a 9.6% audience share in the 12+.

In the US, the 3Ball-produced series aired on NBC. It started on June 18 last year, in a 9pm slot. The first episode delivered a very average 7% share in the 18-to-49-year old demo.

The second and third episodes generated a 6% share and the whole series averaged a 5.9% audience share. On June 25 last year NBC aired an Age of Love spin-off, Science of Love: a Modern Dating Experiment, which won a 6% audience share and finished second in its timeslot.

In 2006-2007, NBC averaged a 9% audience share in households and an 8% audience share in the 18-to-49 category.

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