CBBC tunes up for $20m CGI series

Freefonix, a $20m CGI series featuring a virtual pop group, will launch on BBC kids channel CBBC this January, with producer Cinnamon Entertainment looking to exploit the music rights soon after.The 40-episode series was coproduced with Method Films, Indian animation studio Toonz Animation and The Isle of Man Film Fund and is based on an idea from Magnus Fiennes.

With earlier series Oscar’s Orchestra Cinnamon teamed with Warner Music, but says this time it will shop music related merchandise itself. "We went with Warner for Oscar because at that time there were four majors that dominated the space. This is more of a multiplatform play and we can handle distribution ourselves or through independents."

Cinammon has TV distribution rights in the UK, US and Germany with BBC Worldwide handling sales throughout the rest of the world. Lagardere’s Canal J has picked it up in France.

Cinnamon is also about to deliver a further 39 episodes of Finlay the Fire Engine and is working on Ironman, based on the Marvel superhero. There will be specials released on DVD to coincide with the launch of the Paramount Pictures’ movie before it is shopped to broadcasters.

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