Who Is America?

In-demand: Ireland (July 16-22, 2018)

Newcomers from Sacha Baron Cohen’s Who Is America? to Netflix’s Insatiable have made an instant impression on Irish viewers, becoming some of the most demanded titles near debut. Baron Cohen’s controversial comedy, which has gotten the comedian in some hot water, launched last week and was the sixth most demanded title in Ireland’s top ten overall TV […]

Showtime defends Baron Cohen comedy

Showtime has defended Sacha Baron Cohen’s new comedy Who Is America? against claims that he made fun of a disabled veteran. Critics, including Sarah Palin, said that Baron Cohen posed as a wounded military veteran during a segment, which premiered in the US on Sunday and UK last night. “Baron Cohen did not present himself […]

Sacha Baron Cohen makes a return with Showtime

Sacha Baron Cohen is set to return to TV after more than a decade for a Showtime satirical half-hour series. Baron Cohen will write and direct the title, named Who Is America?. The seven-episode series will explore the diverse individuals across the political and cultural spectrum of the USA. The first episode will air exclusively in […]