Virtual Arts

Why firms from Banijay to Beta Film are exploring NFT’s

From Banijay to Beta Film, TV companies are actively exploring how NFTs could help generate future revenues. Tim Dams investigates the opportunities being opened up by this relatively new market The market for digital items known as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) exploded in popularity last year, and the TV industry has taken notice. Nearly $41bn was […]

Banijay’s Bunim/Murray moves into NFT-funded shows with Virtual Arts

The Real World creators Bunim/Murray Productions (BMP) and Animoca-backed tech venture Virtual Arts have partnered on a new venture that aims to use Non Fungible Tokens (NFT)’s to fund programming. Wonderfuel will roll out a slate of shows with NFTs “baked into” both the funding model and audience experience, with a view to airing the […]