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Bob & Co drafts in David Parfitt for drama

Shakespeare in Love and Parade’s End producer David Parfitt is teaming up with programming financing group Bob & Co. Parfitt, the former chairman of BAFTA in the UK, will serve as a creative consultant and sit on the committee of the Jersey-based investment fund. In the consultancy role he will work with Bob & Co-backed […]

Michael Palin to star in BBC WWI drama

Comic actor and broadcaster Michael Palin is to star in a new BBC Two drama set on the battlefields of World War I. The Monty Python star has not appeared on-screen in an acting role for more than two decades but will feature in The Wipers Times, which is based on the true story of […]

Tax breaks fuel UK’s global production hub ambitions

When UK Chancellor George Osborne sat down on March 20 having presented his Budget, the huzzahs of television producers should have been heard even above his own backbenchers, but the picture is a mixed one, reports Tim Adler. This year’s Finance Bill in the UK finally approved tax breaks for high-end drama production, animation and […]