Ron D. Moore

Starz greenlights second Outlander

Outlander, Starz’s new fantasy drama, has had a second season greenlit following the Ron D. Moore show’s debut last week. Sony Pictures Television is returning to produce the second season, which will be at least 13 episodes and be based on Diana Gabaldon’s second book in the Outlander series, Dragonfly in Amber. The drama launched […]

News brief: Syfy renews Ron Moore’s Helix

US cable channel Syfy has recommissioned sci-fi drama Helix for a second season. The drama, from science fiction producer Ron D. Moore and Lost producer Steven Maeda, will return in the first quarter of 2015. The show’s initial ratings were middling but grew its opening ep ratings 65% in live-plus-three DVR views. It made further […]

Moore to the story

Sci-fi guru Ronald D. Moore is launching his first major new cable dramas since Battlestar Galactica but hasn’t lost his maverick sensibilities or passion for writer’s rights. He tells Jesse Whittock about the shows and why scribes are still losing out to networks. Through Helix and Outlander, the sci-fi stylings of Ronald D. Moore returns […]