Six things TBI learned at the LA Screenings

With the sun shining and acquisitions execs armed with budgets to buy the best new broadcast shows from the LA Screenings, Jesse Whittock reports from LA on the key takeways from the event this year   ABC shops at rival stores It has become something of a badge of honour for the Hollywood studios to put […]

Monte Carlo’s TV circuit

The Monte-Carlo TV Festival wants to be for television what the Cannes Film Festival is for movies. TBI speaks to the organisers about the upcoming edition of the talent-packed and (hopefully) sun-drenched week in Monaco “When I became the head of the festival in 2012, I decided we needed to bring it to the same […]

LA Screenings 2016: Star profile

The US broadcast networks are going big this year, with popular actors, producers and franchises anchoring new season schedules. Jesse Whittock talks with the studios as the LA Screenings get underway The network series game is big business, and that’s why ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC and The CW have ramped up the stakes for the […]

Emerging from the shadows: Brazilian drama

Brazil’s TV industry, widely and unwisely dismissed as primarily a source of telenovelas, has been revolutionised by a quota system that obliges every channel in the country to broadcast a total of 5% of productions made by Brazilian independents, reports Gary Smith Alongside a requirement that 5% of content be sourced locally, legislation has also […]

Trans on TV

When cultural historians look back, 2015/16 will undoubtedly be seen as a landmark in terms of the way transgender people are portrayed on TV and viewed by mainstream society, reports Andy Fry Reality TV star Bruce Jenner’s transition to Caitlyn Jenner is undoubtedly the most high-profile transgender story, having been introduced on US network ABC’s […]

Motoring up

With petrolhead show Top Gear making headlines, TBI gets to grips with the new show and takes a look under the bonnet at what is driving viewing in the motoring genre. Top Gear’s success is such that is has spawned a host of companion shows. More broadly, motoring formats are in fashion, as the car becomes […]

In the spotlight: Stephen Poliakoff

British writer and director Stephen Poliakoff’s award-winning work spans more than three decades on both the big and small screen. Much of his TV output has been for the BBC, starting with one-off television plays and then taking in notable series such as Perfect Strangers, Friends & Crocodiles, The Lost Prince and Gideon’s Daughter. Having […]

MENA creative boom beckons

Artistic experimentation in the Middle Eastern scripted market is booming. TBI assesses a new form of Turkish novella and an Israeli drama written by a Palestinian scribe Turkey and Israel dominate television in the Middle East and North Africa region: new stats show Turkey and Israel account for more than 70% of the region’s pay […]

The Chinese reality condundrum

Formats veteran Clare Thompson says the latest regulatory decrees about Chinese formats market are a symptom of an ever-changing and increasingly complex commissioning market. In the years I’ve been giving presentations and talks about formats trends and development, I’ve often referred – almost casually – to the importance of keeping the different needs of your […]

Legitimate success for The Illegal

At the CoPro Series pitching competition in Berlin, the team behind The Book of Negroes was successful with a dystopian drama with dark tones that strikes a chord with contemporary current affairs With the mass coverage of the Syrian refugee crisis, it was perhaps inevitable that a show covering similar themes would catch attention of […]