Prison sells

Prisons have long been a source of fascination for TV producers – as illustrated by series such as British sitcom Porridge, Australian soap Prisoner Cell Block H and HBO limited series Oz. Right now, though, there are more outstanding prison-themed shows than ever, across both scripted and factual television, reports Andy Fry. Prison might not […]

Laughing matters at the Edinburgh Int’l TV Festival

Shane Smith and his plan to take over the media world dominated delegate chatter at the Edinburgh International Television Festival last week. Jesse Whittock wonders what the Vice boss would make of the BBC’s latest comedy efforts. During his MacTaggart Memorial lecture on Wednesday, which met with a mixed reaction (at best), Vice Media CEO […]

UKTV commissions doc series on comedy classic Porridge

UKTV has commissioned a three-part doc about classic British comedy series Porridge. Porridge: The Inside Story (WT) will tell the story behind the series. It will go out on UKTV’s classic content channel Gold and produced by Phil McIntyre Television, which makes the Dynamo: Magician Impossible series for UKTV’s Watch channel. The show will have […]