HBO’s ‘Game Of Thrones’ launch triggers global piracy frenzy

The scale of global content piracy was again underlined this week with revelations that the first episode of the final series of Game Of Thrones was pirated almost 55m times in the first 24 hours after launch, according to analytics firm Muso. By comparison, the show attracted 17.4m viewers in the US via legal means. […]

Game of Thrones remains most-pirated TV show – TorrentFreak

HBO’s Game of Thrones has retained its unwanted crown as the world’s most pirated TV show, according to file sharing blog TorrentFreak. The epic drama has held the position for the past six years, and once again eclipsed AMC’s The Walking Dead as the most downloaded TV programme on fie sharing service BitTorrent. Adult Swim […]

Sandvine: 6.5% of US homes access pirate streams

Some 6.5% of households in North America are accessing pirated live television services each month, according to new research by Sandvine. The Global Internet Phenomena Spotlight report claims that at this adoption rate, live TV piracy could cost communication service providers more than US$4 billion in revenue this year. The study states that that premium […]

Piracy to cost TV & film biz $52bn

The stark cost of illegal downloading and streaming of movies and TV shows has been laid bare – a whopping US$51.6 billion. A report from industry analyst Digital TV Research suggests the amount of revenue lost to piracy has skyrocketed from US$6.7 billion in 2010 to nearly US$31.8 billion last year. The figure will hit […]

Fighting the pirates

Illegal downloads and streams are directly impacting the TV business, but how far are they changing the distribution models of tomorrow, and what can be done to stop the flow? Robert Shepherd reports The global TV industry has always faced major challenges. Whether it was uncertainty surrounding digital switchover, the ongoing lack of diversity on […]

Illegal streaming box sales boom in UK – FACT

More than one million illegal set-top boxes that allow users to stream content illegally have been sold in the UK over the past two years, according to a new report. The report from IP protection body FACT UK, titled ‘Cracking Down on Digital Piracy’, gathers insights from the Intellectual Property Office (IPO), FACT, City of […]