Parks Associates

One in 10 US broadband homes ‘cut the cord’

Some 10% of US broadband households are ‘cord cutters’, with 25% of them cancelling their pay TV service in the past year and turning to online video alternatives, according to new research. The Parks Associates report claims that an additional 7% of US broadband households are recent ‘cord shavers’ – downgrading their pay TV service […]

Netflix ‘churn rate 9%’

Roughly 4% of US broadband homes have cancelled their Netflix subscription in the past 12 months, representing almost 9% of the OTT service’s subscriber base, according to Parks Associates. The research firm’s OTT Video Market Tracker noted high churn rates for many subscription video services, including Hulu. Some 7% of US broadband homes cancelled their […]

Account sharing a ‘challenge’ for SVOD

Some 11% of all US broadband households rely exclusively on shared accounts when using subscription OTT services like Netflix, with account sharing a “lingering challenge,” according to Parks Associates. The research firm said that 8% of US broadband households are using a subscription OTT account held by someone outside of their home and 6% are […]

MCNs ‘key to reaching younger viewers’

Multichannel networks are “key to reaching younger online video viewers”, with millennials watching 5.5 hours of internet video per week on smartphones and six hours per week on tablets, according to Parks Associates. The US-based research firm claims that there will be more than 200 million online video viewers in North America by 2016 with […]

HBO’s OTT service to shake up SVOD market

Roughly 17% of US broadband households would be likely to subscribe to HBO’s forthcoming over-the-top video service, according to new research by Parks Associates. The research firm said that among those likely to subscribe, 91% are currently pay TV subscribers, while roughly 50% would cancel their pay TV service after subscribing to HBO’s OTT service, […]

Roku dominating Apple in US streaming market

Roku has widened its gap over rival Apple TV in the US market and accounted for 46% of streaming media players bought last year compared to Apple’s 26%, according to new research. Parks Associates’ ‘The Evolving Market fro Streaming Media Devices’ report claims that Roku is the most used streaming media player in the US […]

Chromecast usage ‘declining’, study claims

The adoption of streaming media players has increased to nearly 20% of US broadband homes, but usage of Google Chromecast devices “appears to be declining,” according to new research by Parks Associates. The study said that Chromecast ownership is steady at around 6% of US broadband households, but monthly usage rates in the first quarter […]

TV to succeed PC as top online video platform

TV is on track to succeed the PC as the top platform for watching online video in the US, with TV viewing habits increasing as PC viewership declines, according to new research by Parks Associates. The research firm claims that in the first quarter of this year, US broadband users watched roughly three hours per […]