Global Netflix impact ‘felt for a generation’

The impact of Netflix’s unprecedented global launch will be “felt for a generation”, but will not kill off traditional TV distribution “overnight”, according to a leading analyst. Last week US-based Netflix revealed it was launching in 130 new territories, making it instantaneously available in around 190 markets in total, a move that Tony Gunnarsson of […]

BBC Three closure branded a ‘disaster’

The closure of the BBC Three linear channel in the UK is “a disaster disguised as a pioneering strategic initiative”, according to an influential media analyst at research house Ovum. In a blog post entitled ‘Why the BBC is wrong about kids and TV’, Ovum’s digital media practice leader Nick Thomas said the decision to […]

EC passes net neutrality rules

The European Commission has given its final approval to net neutrality rules that it claims will “guarantee an open internet” and ban paid-prioritisation of web traffic. Announcing the legislation, the EC said that all internet traffic will be treated equally and that there will be “no paid prioritisation of access service” or internet ‘fast lanes’. However, members […]

Going (digital) native

Why are television’s biggest groups spending millions of dollars on YouTube talent-focused multichannel networks? Jesse Whittock speaks with key players to build a picture of this emerging ecosystem and identify where the digital dollars are coming from. Research released this summer suggested the top 100 YouTube multichannel networks are worth nearly US$10 billion, with the […]

Analyst: Netflix ‘goes from strength to strength’

Concern over the recent dip in Netflix’s share price that followed mixed financial results is “overstated”, as the streaming service “continues to go from strength to strength”, according to an analyst. Netflix added 880,000 US subscribers in the third quarter of 2015, missing a 1.15 million forecast and falling 110,000 on the previous year. This […]

Apple, Amazon, and the exclusivity paradox

Rob Gallagher, director of research and analysis, media and entertainment at research house Ovum, muses on the reasoning behind and potential impact of Amazon Prime Instant Video’s reported £150 million deal to acquire the service of the former Top Gear presenting trio. If content is king, then exclusive TV is the king of content. That’s […]

Channels switch on OTT

Premium, basic pay and free TV channels around the world are looking to OTT and direct-to-consumer services to reach customers who are leaving the traditional TV space, or those that were never there in the first place. Stewart Clarke talks to analysts and execs about how channels are going over-the-top. Getting the established pay TV […]

Primetime TV ‘unmatched by other media’

The reach of primetime television “remains unmatched by other media”, according to an analyst at TBI stablemate research group Ovum. Ed Barton, Ovum’s head of TV practice made the assertion as part of a forecast that suggests TV advertising revenues will grow from the US$174 billion generated last year to US$224 billion in 2020. “The […]

Starz Play to ‘spark Mid East OTT boom’

The launch of the Starz OTT platform in the Middle East will spark a wave of overseas-backed SVOD service launches in the region, a new report predicts. Traditional cultural barriers that have stopped international companies launching in the Middle in the past are “starting to fall”, according to research firm Ovum, which is part of […]

OTT subs to hit 100 million this year

The total number of subscribers to online streaming services will pass 100 million on a global basis this year, according to new research by analysts Ovum. Describing a “new era of streaming entertainment”, Ovum pointed to growing appetite for emerging on-demand platforms as evidence of the swing away from downloads and pay TV. Ovum predicted […]