TBI Tech & Analysis: Five takeaways reflecting consumption changes

Viewing habits are changing rapidly but how has the soaring number of streamers affected linear consumption, and what about watching content on apps such as TikTok? Rob Moyser, senior analyst at TBI sibling Omdia, provides some choice highlights from this year’s Cross-Platform Television Viewing Time Report. The annual Omdia Cross-Platform Viewing Time report analyses TV […]

TBI Tech & Analysis: Tracking content & consumption habits during lockdown

Fateha Begum, associate director at TBI sibling Omdia, breaks down the latest findings from its bi-annual consumer survey, which explores how people are watching content and their media consumption habits online. Omdia once again conducted its bi-annual consumer survey in April, exploring the adoption of various connected devices and delving into the media consumption habits […]

TBI Tech & Analysis: A week in numbers from the US to Singapore

Covid-19 has deeply impacted media around the world and while some sectors have made the most of locked down audiences, others are facing mounting problems. TBI takes you on a whistle-stop tour across the US, the UK, Southeast Asia and Brazil to get a taster of how different countries’ content and telco businesses are shaping […]

TBI Tech & Analysis: Tracking Amazon Prime & Hulu’s next moves

Amazon Prime Video and Hulu might look like similar streamers on the surface but underneath the bonnet, their respective owners have experienced Covid-19 in considerably different ways. Sarah Henschel and Max Signorelli, analysts at TBI sibling Omdia, explore how subscription numbers at Amazon’s Prime operation and Disney-owned Hulu might fare against three different scenarios. The […]

TBI Tech & Analysis: Where next for Netflix & Disney+?

Netflix and Disney+ are among the few services to have seen an upside to lockdown but where next for these two SVOD behemoths? Sarah Henschel and Max Signorelli, analysts at TBI sibling Omdia, explore how the two streamers might fare against three different scenarios. The implications of the Covid-19 virus are constantly developing, so Omdia […]

TBI Tech & Analysis: Six key facts behind India’s explosive OTT market

India’s vast population is fueling a booming OTT market but even recent rapid growth looks likely to be incomparable to the expansion expected over the next six years, with revenues set to soar from $268m in 2019 to more than $1.3bn by 2025. Analysts at TBI sibling Omdia provide six fast-facts from inside this surging […]

Exclusive: AVOD decline likely as Covid-19 hits once-surging sector

The Covid-19-induced slump in advertising spending is set to have deep repercussions on the until recently booming AVOD market, leading analysts tell TBI. AVOD had been touted as a major growth area for producers and rights owners but the Coronavirus pandemic has brought advertising spending to a screeching halt, leaving broadcasters such as ITV and […]

TBI Tech & Analysis: Covid-19’s long-term implications

Covid-19 is radically altering the outlook for the global economy and certain areas – notably advertising – are being particularly badly hit. Other segments, such as OTT, face a less negative outlook but the repercussions will be long-term, writes Maria Rua Aguete, exec director at TBI sister outfit Omdia In the current climate of a […]

An in-depth analysis of Disney+ launch in Europe & Covid-19’s impact

Disney+ lands in countries across Europe – excluding France – today amid a pandemic that very few saw coming. Analysts at TBI sibling Omdia take an in-depth look at the streamer’s launch offer, including the range of shows available, its comparable cost across territories, how it will reach consumers, and the impact of Coronavirus on […]

TBI Weekly: Six takeaways from a week with Covid-19

It might feel like you’ve been stuck indoors for months but for most readers outside of Asia, this week has been the first in which the deep impact of Covid-19 has truly started to be felt. So what have we learnt so far? M&A is on hold Whereas the impact of the 2008 credit crunch […]