Matthew Barrett

WMR’s Evolution of Evil heads to US cable

Discovery’s American Heroes Channel has ordered Evolution of Evil, a ten-part series from UK indie World Media Rights that will examine how ten of the most notorious world leaders turned from into monsters. WMR is coproducing with Discovery for American Heroes and ZDF Enterprises is handling sales outside of the US and UK. The series […]

The truth about storytelling

I was meeting a factual commissioner whose ratings were rubbish. It soon became clear that they had no idea what to do about it. The giveaway was when they looked me in the eye and said that what their channel most valued was “really strong storytelling” and then asked me if I might have anything […]

Discovery, Foxtel chart Rise of the Nazi Party

Discovery Networks Western Europe and Australian pay platform Foxtel are among buyers of a new history-themed series about the emergence of the Nazi Party in Germany. DNI sister company SBS Discovery Media and Planete have also acquired the 10x50mins series for Scandinavia and France respectively. The Rise of the Nazi Party comes from UK indie […]

Viewpoint: Terrestrial commissions? Not for me

My friend, a commissioner at a prestigious terrestrial channel, was mystified. Why weren’t the top indies bringing her their best ideas or best talent these days? “It’s simple,” I said. “You’re not worth it any more – economically or creatively.” It used to be a no-brainer. A high prestige public service broadcaster offers US$500,000 (or […]