Jeremy Corbyn

TBI Weekly: Takeaways from Edinburgh

At this week’s Edinburgh International TV Festival, key execs revealed what they’re looking for on their channels and platforms. Here’s some key takeaways. BBC One controller Charlotte Moore said she’s looking to tell British stories for a British audience, but adds that producers shouldn’t censor themselves just because they’re pitching to the BBC. Moore also […]

Jeremy Corbyn: A British Digital Corporation could counteract influence of Netflix, Amazon

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said that a sister corporation should be set up for the BBC to counteract the dominance of tech platforms such as Netflix, as he delivered the Alternative McTaggart speech at Edinburgh’s International TV Festival. A British Digital Corporation should combine expert knowledge, the latest technology and public assets to deliver information […]

UK opposition politician pledges to reverse BBC cuts

Jeremy Corbyn has pledged to reverse cuts to UK public broadcaster the BBC. Corbyn is a UK MP and currently the frontrunner in the race to lead the UK Labour party, the main opposition to the current Conservative government. Outlining his policy for the arts, Corbyn warned that the UK risks going down the same […]