Jean-Paul Philippot

What next in the Netherlands?

From Big Brother to The Voice via Deal or No Deal and Splash! Dutch producers have proved time and again that they know how to construct an international television hit. But do deep budget cuts at the public broadcast group and the increasing influence of international content threaten the Netherlands’ status as a creative powerhouse? […]

Greece’s ERT back on air

Greece’s public broadcaster ERT is to continue broadcasting during a restructure process after a Greek court ordered its services to be put back on air. The ruling followed prime minister Antonis Samaras’ decision to shut down the broadcaster overnight to save money a week ago, a move that led to widespread protests at home and […]

Greece plans scaled-down pubcaster

The Greek government has unveiled plans to open a new, small-scale public broadcaster as criticism of its decision to close down ERT mounts both at home and abroad. A Greek government spokesman announced plans to create a new service at the end of August with fewer than half the staff of the shut down ERT. […]