Fudge Park

Comedy at the crossroads

Comedy has not had the same uplift in budgets and ambition as straight-up scripted fare, but half hours that are as big on drama as laughs are in demand and, increasingly, on-demand. Just don’t call it ‘dramedy’. Stewart Clarke reports. For comedy writers and producers, recent proclamations from industry heavyweights are no laughing matter. “It […]

Inbetweeners pair exit Zodiak for new prodco

The creators of British comedy The Inbetweeners have left their Zodiak Media-owned production company to launch a new firm, Fudge Park. Iain Morris and Damon Beesley will head up the UK-based film and television production-focused indie as co-founders, along with Bwark creative director Simon Wilson, producer Phil Gilbert, managing director director Mark Lesbirel and head […]