Eurocinema launching a block on Sky

The Eurocinema movie net is launching as a branded block on Sky in the UK. The five-hour block rolls out today on the Showcase net and launch titles include Love Vertigo – Vertiges (left) and A Night in Versailles – Versailles Rive-Gauche. In the 212 slot on the Sky EPG, the channel will carry movies from […]

Amazon buys SVOD foreign language films

Amazon has acquired a raft of foreign-language movies for its Prime Video streaming service. The e-commerce giant has bought the features package from Eurocinema World, in itself a VOD service operator, as well as a linear channel. The films will be available under the Eurocinema Carte Blanche banner on Amazon. Titles include Alicia Vikander Swedish […]

Eurocinema snags Miramax titles

Eurocinema has inked a deal with Miramax and will add a raft of the studio’s Euro-centric titles to its video-on-demand service. Eurocinema operates a European film-programmed VOD service in North America. Its deal with Miramax means it will add titles including Malena with Monica Bellucci, About Adam with Kate Hudson, Daughter of D’Artangnan (Revenge of […]