Essential Television Statistics

Europe’s most valuable formats

The UK is the most lucrative formats market in Europe, while TF1 is the leading broadcaster and Money Drop and Come Dine with Me are the most successful formats in the region, according to new research. Endemol, ITV and FremantleMedia, meanwhile, are Europe’s most successful formats distributors. Knowing the value of your content is a […]

UK is top European formats market

The UK is the most lucrative formats market in Europe and TF1 the leading broadcaster in the region, according to new research. Media specialists Madigan Cluff, Essential Television Statistics and Digital TV Research measured the number of hours of formatted programming scheduled across European free-to-air channels and measured the income generated by each format. Specifically, […]

Revealed: Top European drama imports

Income for free-to-air channels in Europe is under pressure. Despite this, the European market for imported dramas remains substantial and was worth over US$5 billion last year. TBI takes a look at new research outlining the top titles, distributors and the biggest-spending broadcasters and finds the top shows taking a greater slice of the pie. There have […]

The Finance of Formats

European broadcasters gained US$2.75 billion in 2012 from the 100 top format titles.   The TV Formats in Europe report covers 84 channels across 16 territories and shows that the 2012 figure was 5.3% up on the 2011 total and 20.1% up if you go back to 2009. Correspondingly, the number of hours broadcast reached […]