Erik Brannon

US cable celebrates ‘best quarter in years’ as pay subs rise

The US cable TV industry achieved its “best quarter in years,” stemming subscriber losses as the overall pay TV market – including cable, satellite and IPTV – rose by 202,670 subscribers in Q1. According to IHS Technology, the overall pay TV gains marked the best performance for the market in a year, while a 132,330 […]

Canadian pay TV continues to tumble

Canadian pay TV subscriptions have fallen for the third straight quarter, new research reveals. Gains in IPTV failed to offset losses in cable and satellite in the second quarter of 2013, analyst firm IHS reported, meaning the last time Canadian pay TV recorded growth was in the third quarter of 2012. Overall subscriptions fell 10,810, […]

IPTV eats into cable and satellite TV market share in Canada

Almost 10% of pay TV subscriptions in Canada are to an IPTV service, according to the latest figures. In the third quarter of 2012, 9.6% of all pay TV subscriptions were to IPTV services, compared with 6.6% in the same period a year earlier and just 1.6% in 2007. Analysts at research outfit HIS predict […]