Ed Vaizey

Vaizey replaced as UK culture minister

Ed Vaizey has been replaced as the minister in charge of the UK’s culture and media sectors, as the fall-out of the country’s recent political changes continue. Matt Hancock has been appointed minister of state for digital policy at the Department of Culture, Media and Sport, effectively replacing Vaizey, who was minister of state for […]

Oli Hyatt: EU plan could harm animation funding

Blue Zoo Animation’s Oli Hyatt warns potential changes to the European TV rights market could seriously harm toon funding in the future. What do I love about Europe? There are so many elements: the varied climate and scenery, the melting pot of ideas that both compliment and contrast and the cultures that can thrive and do […]

eOne, Creative England create drama fund

Producer and distributor Entertainment One and Creative England are joining forces to create new drama fund designed to back UK-originated drama for the domestic and international markets. Creative England is the not-for-profit group that works with commercial organisations and regional authorities on creative industry initiatives. Alongside eOne it will create a new drama venture and […]

BBC on the attack in retrans battle with Sky

The BBC has raised the prospect of charging BSkyB to carry its channels as it attempts to force the satellite broadcaster to stop charging £5 million a year in retransmission fees. The UK’s four main terrestrial broadcasters – the BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5 – pay an estimated £10 million (US$15 million) to […]