PwC: internet video set to overtake DVD revenues

Internet video revenues will overtake physical home video for the first time this year, according to a major new international study by PricewaterhouseCoopers. PwC’s Global Entertainment and Media Outlook 2017-2021 claimed that global internet ad revenues exceeded TV ad revenues for the first time last year – with “major digital tipping-points” occurring or due to […]

Netflix tipped to add up to 5m subs this year

Netflix will add four to five million new domestic streaming subscribers this year, taking the total to a potential 34 million, according to new research. Influential credit ratings agency Moody’s noted: “While the first quarter is typically a strong quarter for the company and we don’t expect such levels of growth to continue into the […]

Store closures will ‘severely impact’ UK video rental market

The UK DVD and Blu-ray rental market will decline sharply this year following the shut-down of half the country’s Blockbuster video stores as part of a restructuring agreed by the company’s new management, according to research from IHS Screen Digest. According to IHS Screen Digest, the UK market for physical video rental will drop by […]

Pay TV customers flock to online video

Just over one million US pay TV customers cut the cord in favour of online video last year, according to a report by Convergence Consulting. About 1.1 million US customers cancelled their pay TV services in favour of online video options and free-to-air TV last year, according to the Toronto-based group. Convergence Consulting said that […]

US court rules that Netflix gets unfair delivery advantage

A US federal appeals court has ruled that Netflix has been getting preferential treatment for the delivery of its TV series and movies through the post. The court agreed with video games delivery service Gamefly, which had complained that an extra charge was being levied by the US Postal Service for handling its deliveries because […]