Dr. Dimensionpants

Hulu makes Dr. Dimensionpants appointment

US streaming and catch-up service Hulu has acquired kids series Dr Dimensionpants. The series, which goes out on Teletoon in Canada, will get its US debut on Hulu. Dr Dimensionpants follows a young boy that becomes an inter-dimensional superhero when he wears a pair of glowing pants, was a commission from Corus Entertainment’s Teletoon in […]

MIPJunior Hot Pick: Dr. Dimensionpants

Dr. Dimensionpants is based on an idea from Canadian film director Brad Peynton (Cats & Dogs 2: Revenge of Kitty Galore). The emphasis is, producer DHX says, on the comedy in the action comedy toon. It tells the story of an everyday child, Kyle, who by chance finds a pair of ‘Dimensionpants’ – cosmic trousers […]