Digital Single Market

UK seeks broadcast deal but will exit EU’s Digital Single Market

The UK should look for options that will allow for continued ‘transfrontier broadcasting’ following Brexit, but will not remain part of the EU’s Digital Single Market, according to Conservative Prime Minister Theresa May. In her speech on Friday on the UK’s future economic partnership with the European Union, May addressed the ‘country of origin’ principle […]

Analysis – the next steps for the Digital Single Market reforms

Ingrid Silver from media law firm Reed Smith cast legal eye over why the European Parliament isn’t supporting Digital Single Market proposals and change the core programme distribution. Since May 2015, the European Commission has been driving forward its Digital Single Market (DSM) strategy. The initiative comprises a number of proposed measures intended to promote […]

Content portability rules adopted in Europe

The European Council (EC) has adopted new rules that allow consumers who pay for online TV subscriptions in their home territory access them elsewhere in the EU. The rules, which cover all forms of content services, were passed in May, meaning Netflix, Amazon and HBO Go customers will now be able to access those platforms […]

EU approves content portability rules

Customers will soon have access to their Netflix or Amazon Prime on-demand subscriptions across Europe. The European Parliament has approved new content portability rules that will let EU citizens access their online film and TV subscriptions while visiting other countries in the continent. Yesterday’s vote confirms the agreement reached between the European Parliament, Council and […]

EU’s copyright changes can be cause for cheer

Compact Media’s CEO, David Johnson, argues last month’s communication from the European Commission on new copyright laws should offer “cautious optimism” to the international television industry. It would be an understatement to say that 2015 was a busy year for the creative industry. Not only did the pace of change from new business and technology […]

‘Significant concern’ over EC copyright reforms

European Commission plans to allow consumers to access content acquired in one territory to access it in others are of “significant concern” to the international TV industry, according to a key production body. The EC will today officially reveal its wide-ranging Digital Single Market proposals, which will allow consumers to access content acquired in one […]

EU won’t enforce pan-Euro rights deals

The European Commission does not want to enforce pan-European content licensing as part of its Digital Single Market proposals. The the audiovisual industry could benefit from certain exemptions to restrictions on geo-blocking to enable it to continue to license on a territory-by-territory basis, according to Günther Oettinger, European Commissioner for the digital economy and society. Speaking at […]