David Hyman

Netflix responds angrily to Verizon as row heats up

US-based streaming service Netflix has reacted angrily to Verizon’s cease and desist letter concerning claims over Netflix usage on the Verizon network. Verizon had demanded Netflix stop blaming its network for issues affecting playback of series and movies. In a response, sent by Netflix general counsel David Hyman to his Verizon counterpart Randal S. Milch, […]

Netflix and Verizon embroiled in network row

Verizon Communications has issued a cease and desist notice to Netflix demanding it stop publicly stating that issues affecting playback of series and movies are being caused by Verizon’s “crowded network”. In the letter it says Netflix’s claims are “deceptive” and could harm the perception of Verizon. Netflix’s US subscribers watching via a Verizon connection […]